Cleveland - High Principle

“It is better to be defeated standing for a high principle than to run by committing subterfuge.” – Grover Cleveland

After a very long, very cold day here in Colorado, I’m back.

Reading today’s quote, it makes me think of politics in general. It has never been a particularly honorable profession, but there have been those who have been honest in their dealings. Unfortunately, today’s politicians have set themselves so firmly in the pockets of corporations, I wonder if it is even possible to separate the two. If you have any doubts, in the last twenty years, while the rest of the world’s industrialized countries have been working to reduce pollution, the United States has continually refused to participate to any great degree. Why? Because it will cost these corporations (that are making ridiculously high record profits during a recession) some money. So their policy is to save the corporations money while they continue to do untold damage to our fragile ecosystem and those of us who live within it. It may be time for a new revolution – one which will return the government’s attention to protecting the people rather than the profits.

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